Tuesday, January 12, 2010

21 degrees

Its official. Winter rides can be done in 21 degrees. Kevan Steed, Bryce Young and I went for a solid 3 hour base building ride last Saturday in, yes, 21 degree weather. It actually wasn't that bad. We had plenty of layers on and didn't push ourselves at all, so it made for a nice tour of Weber County. We did have to deal with frozen water bottles and some cold toes however. The time on the bike though was invaluable.

I was going to do an almost 2 hour indoor ride but jumped at the invitation to get outside. So i didn't get to the workout I posted earlier. I'm actually going to attempt that one on Friday morning if I can wake up early enough.

We'll be out again this Saturday. The mercury may actually make it into the 30's!

Happy riding!

Soundtrack for tonight was some classic alternative: REM, Big Audio Dynamite, Material Issue and some old school techno...Front 242.

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