Sunday, January 24, 2010

My athletic background, part I

Current weight: 185 lbs; goal weight: 175 lbs
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One of my purposes for writing this blog was for accountability and input. So, to be honest, this has been a very inconsistent week for training. I was on the bike for only 3 hours when I have been getting a good 6-8 hours in. I did get my Tues and Thurs core workouts in however.

Because my schedule only really allows for early morning workouts, sleep is at a premium in my life. Add that to a 2 year old who still doesn't sleep all through the night and there are some days where I justify and extra hour and a half of sleep vs. a 1.5 hour bike ride. Any input on overcoming a 4 hour night's rest to hop on the trainer would be helpful! I look forward to a new week to get back on it.

I thought today I'd start to share a bit of my athletic background.

As a kid, I took very quickly to swimming. I was doing laps at the local swim and tennis club at age 5. At 8, I started swimming competitively, winning every event I entered until high school. I spent every summer day at the pool. Add winter club swimming in there and I made for one chlorinated kid! I played some of the stick and ball sports as well. A few years of little league, soccer and Boys Club basketball, but I enjoyed the uniqueness and physical challenge of competitive swimming most. It was also what I was best at.

As many swimmers did, I began life guarding and coaching swimming in high school along with a more focused training regimen with the West Mesa High School swim team. I excelled at district level meets even as a freshman. Unfortunately I had a bit too much freedom and not enough responsibility my freshman year and let my grades slip. So much so I was booted from the swim team until I could pick up my grades. It was devastating and eye opening at the same time.

I did get my grades up to finish the season with the team and even qualified for the state swimming championships. One of only a few freshman to do so, I made it to the consolation final in the 50 free.

For the rest of my swimming career, I made a name for myself as a sprinter, focusing on the 50 and 100 free. I was unbeatable in district meets and held my own at the state and regional levels. I ended up 4th and 5th respectively at the high school state championships my senior year.

It had been my goal throughout my youth to swim in college but I think some burnout and immaturity kept me to the club level after high school. I think back on that many times with regret. But the choices I made led me in new paths. Maybe some of my drive currently is to make up for decisions I could have made 15 years ago. Regardless, new doors were opened.

The years of my youth were also peppered with cycling and sailboat racing, additional activities I became very passionate about. We'll look at that history in part 2.

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