Sunday, February 7, 2010

Great week of training!

Current weight: 182 lbs.

The changes in my diet are making a huge difference! After 2 months stuck at 185-187 lbs, I'm now losing 1-2 lbs a week. My current weight is 182. I haven't seen that number in a while. I hear 1-2 a week is really the only safe way to loose weight. Its important for me to not loose any muscle along the. I have no real way to measure body composition, which would be a much better gauge of my weight loss goals, so I will just have to stick with lbs.

In my search for safe weight loss tricks, I looked briefly at Alli. I'm sure there are non-UCI legal stimulants in there, but I investigated more out of curiosity. The trick to Alli? Well, if you eat more than 15 grams of fat a day, you poop your pants uncontrollably! I think the threat of having to change your drawers in the middle of the day is medicine enough to keep people cutting down on fat. No thanks!

Still on the trainer. I'm getting to know my basement quite well. And the riders on the DVD's I have are becoming training partners. I know all their names. I did add a new on to the collection though, Spinervals 17.0 "The Grind". It focuses on climbing. My week looked like this:

M - 80 base building aerobic ride on trainer
T - 45 minute core and leg strength workout
W- 45 minute climbing DVD on trainer, 15 aerobic ride
Th- 45 minute core and leg strength workout
F- 80 minute base building ride
S- 45 base building ride, shortened by work and some QT with my family.

That's what most of Feb will look like until out team camp in St. George. March will see some more interval and speed work and hopefully mornings will warm up so I can get outside.

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