Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back in the saddle...on the new bike!

This last week was spent getting my legs moving again after my illness. Plus, my new bike was finally built up so no more of that treadmill crap! I can only comment on the quality of the bike and build so far as I only got on the trainer this week. Mornings are still under 32 degrees and the time change has put the light in the wrong part of the day for me. Leave it to the government to think that you can cut the top off a blanket, stick it on the bottom and think you have a longer blanket! But I digress...

The bike is great. With the help of sponsors SRAM, The Bike Shoppe and new sponsors Velonology and Mercury Bikes I have a truly race worthy ride that leaves no excuses for its driver. Its full carbon with an integrated seat mast. I've got Mercury full carbon 50 mm deep dish wheels, SRAM Force grouppo, Look KEO Max pedals and some sweet Bontrager XXX handle bars. As usual, The Bike Shoppe in Ogden has put together an impeccable build. Thanks guys!

Tuesday was an 80 minute ride in the aerobic zone, same with Thursday. Wed and Fri I worked out on the ball and did some squats, lunges and box jumps. I spent Saturday morning in my first real interval session with Spinervals 1.0. It absolutely kicked my trash! It felt good though to finally get that heart rate up and grunt through some sprints.

This next week will look similar, but I'll get out on the road on Saturday for 3-4 hours. I'll do my 80 minutes tomorrow, a climbing DVD on Wed, Spinervals 1.0 on Friday and the long ride Sat. I'll keep doing the strength training through March as I feel I lost something during my week long illness. April will see much more volume however as I'll need to ride 5-6 days a week. First race is April 24th. While I have no real high ambitions for my first race of the season, I don't want to embarrass myself either, so these next weeks will be critical.

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  1. any chance we can get some pics of the new ride?