Thursday, May 6, 2010

Its Official

I made it into LOTOJA! For some folks, this is where their quest for LOTOJA greatness ends. There's only so many slots and unfortuantely some riders miss out. I'm grateful to be able to continue with my goals for the year.

I had the day off on Tuesday and got in a good 4 hour ride. I was planning on heading up to Brigham City but the cold northerly blasting in my face was no fun. So I made a right turn to North Ogden, shot the divide, made a lap of Pineview lake then made my way back home via Ogden Canyon. I was actually quite worked with the headwind and climbing up the divide. It was very satisfying.

I spun lightly on Wed then hit some intervals this morning. I'll do 80 minutes on the trainer tomorrow. Saturday I work, so I'll ride into work, then hit the divide after and head home. I get in a solid 3 hours with that schedule and using my ride as a commute limits time away from the family.

I'm getting stoked for the Bear Lake Classic coming up. Our team will be stacked for that race.

And as a plug for the race we host, check out for details on the Powder Mountain Hillclimb on June 12th. This is the baddest, steepest hillclimb in Utah and is a fun and exciting challenge! The standard set at last year's inaugural event was 41 min 20 sec by Nathan Cisney. Can you beat that?

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  1. Dude! I am pumped for ya!! Now you have your slot all you have to do is rock it! Hey man, I have been meaning to tell you I am going to be in the Salt Lake area in June for the RAGNAR relay. It would be nice to have lunch or something!