Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Almost there

Well, the countdown timer on the right there is obviously a little off. I can't seem to get it set on the correct time and date. But we get the idea!

Last night I slept horribly. I kept having LOTOJA nightmares. Missing feed zones, competitors cheating, all kinds of things. Then in my anxiousness kept me awake at times. Hopefully tonight tonight will be better and I can relax.

Today the focus was on carbs.
-Breakfast: 2 homemade banana nut muffins, a few blueberries and 4 large strawberries and milk.
-Morning snack: a banana.
-Lunch: 2 homemade burritos with whole wheat tortilla, chicken, black beans, brown rice and green chile. I topped it off with 6 strawberries.
-Afternoon snack: another banana
-Dinner: homemade orange chicken and brown rice.

I took no less than 14 pills today as well:
-Morning: Centrum Performance Multi, fish oil, B-12, Pure Endurance (5 pills), Pure Burn, calcium
-Mid day: 4 10 gram sodium bicarbonate tablets
-Dinner: Slow FE Iron supplement

The multi, fish oil and Pure Burn have been my normal dailys but I've been loading the Pure Endurance (, B-12 and now the sodium bicarbonate. The SB and Slow FE have been surprising easy on my stomach. Both of those supplements are known to cause GI distress.

I've had about 50 ozs of water and 20 ozs if G2 today as well. I'll polish off another liter of water tonight.

Tomorrow will look almost the same except I'll probably have oatmeal as we're ate all the muffins and I'll add some more G2 and electrolytes focus.

I rode for an hour this morning on the trainer as it was raining. Short ride tomorrow then openers on Friday before we head to Logan.

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