Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back at it

So, I'm back at this blogging thing. I really enjoyed it in 2010 when I was training for LOTOJA. It was a great training journal. Writing frequently was very therapeutic and from what I heard, the few who read the blog enjoyed it as well.

I've discovered that I miss it, the blogging. I have a lot to say. My mind is constantly racing and it keeps me awake at night. Maybe putting thoughts to keyboard once again will help me sleep.

A lot has changed since I was here last. I quit my job at a large bank to focus full time on promoting bike races. Other than my choice of spouse, this was the best decision I have ever made in life. I'm still stressed out of my gourd, but its a motivating stress, not a "I want to drive my truck through the front door of the bank" kind of stress.

While the URL and title of the blog will stay the same, I may mix things up a bit and take on topics outside of LOTOJA and cycling. Even though I promote other races, racing 206 miles is where it all began for me seriously on the road bike. We'll keep the title to pay hommage to that. Also, cycling is still my focus in life. I have new and bigger plans for promoting races and for my own cycling performance. I obviously want to promote my races and not just the big one to Jackson. But I like other stuff to and have relevant opinions and input on those topics. Like how boring the new Subaru/Toyota "sports" coupe looks so far. Or how awesome I think it is that my home mountain of Taos Ski Valley has more early season snow than Snowbird. Or how I think Willard Bay is the most under rated body of water for sailing.

If you'd like to keep reading, awesome! Leave me some comments to and we can talk about it. Spread the word if you would and maybe we can make something of this little blog. If not, please kindly click on through and hopefully we'll see each out on the road, lake or backcountry stash.

Soundtrack for tonight: Naked and Famous

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