Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Edition

One of my justifications for blogging again was to maybe make something useful of my time wasting browsing of the interweb. I figure if I can post a few thoughts and links to something I found that was cool, maybe I could save someone else some time. Or, you may just end up doing as I do and keep clicking on all those links that link to all kinds of other cool stuff! I guess I can finally start to see why my wife spends so much time on Pinterest.

My latest find comes in the form of a sexy super coupe from Germany. The 2012 MB C63 AMG Black is of one of the finest examples of a sports car I've seen in a while. I've driven a Cadillac CTS V and an Audi S4 and I have a special spot in my heart for these grocery getters turned mad sports cars. For some reason, those big fender flares and growling engines just get to me. The Black in designed in the same vein and is based on the C series of luxury cars produced by Benz.

Check out this gallery on Motor Trend:

The first thing I noticed is all that carbon fiber. There is no other man made substance as sexy as carbon fiber. Sure, there's some silicone and saline out there that is nice, but carbon is unique. Its light, strong and screams high tech. Sailboat masts, bicycles, heck , even money clips, all look so good in carbon. The Black has the stuff in spades...front splitter, winglets, rear wing...its all very arousing. What's even better, its all functional according to MB. In fact the Motor Trend article points out that the front winglets won't work without the rear wing. How cool is that? I hate seeing tuned imports with carbon parts that don't serve a purpose. Or even worse, some dude who thinks his carbon hood makes us not notice his crappy body work or sad sounding exhaust.

With only less than 100 Black's coming stateside, I'm sure my lust for this machine will have to be satisfied by photos only, but each time I buy a lotto ticket, the Black Coupe will surely be part of my fantasy.

Tonight's soundtrack: Airborne Toxic Event

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