Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Sram Red photos leaked

Sram continues to tease with photos of the new Sram Red group due out in February of next year. I suppose with the lack of an electronic group, they're really trying to create some buzz around the all-new mechanical grouppo.


The details continue to impress me however. Single pivot brakes to reduce weight, true hollow arm carbon cranks and the front derailleur with anti-chain rub mechanics designed right into the unit. I like the new ribbed hood design as well. As a Sram user for the last 3 years, some extra grip on the rubber is a welcome addition.

While Sram has denied going electric the article points out an interesting observation from their "careers" website, a posting for an electrical engineer! While the job description calls for skills that are needed for power meters and other non-drivetrain technology, it may be an open door for an electric grouppo. While the cost of electric groupsets make them out of reach for me, its exciting that maybe Sram could be the cost leader and maybe they've been waiting to develop more accessible technology.

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