Saturday, December 3, 2011

No shave November

I only shave once a week. I usually shave for church or if I have someone I need to impress. Well, 2 months ago, I skipped a week of shaving and decided to just keep the beard growing. Little did I know what I was really doing, I was becoming a "guy with a beard".

Its weird, I never thought of myself of a guy with a beard but its turning out quite nicely. I keep it trim. I found out that it gets bushy pretty quickly and I end up looking like Zac Brown. At first I felt like the beard made me look like I was a guest lecturer at a liberal arts college. But then No Shave November came along and I started seeing a lot of beards show up on dudes. But since I started the beard in October, I think I'll keep going with it at least through the winter.

See, I discovered that my beard is an important piece of winter cycling kit! Its been cold here in Utah and my beard makes a nice, non-bulky face cover. Its like I have a built in balaclava. I had the chance to test it in sub freezing temps today, and it totally works.

So, the beard stays a little longer. And in some respects I like having a beard simply because I can grow one.

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