Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday weight (un) gain

So, its usually about this time of year when I step on the scale for my Sunday morning weigh in and let out a huge sigh. I lament all the holiday cookies, double helpings of ham and turkey and that "oh so delicious" sweet potato pie my mother in makes. The weather has usually kept me indoors and while I normally have skied a few days by now, the lbs have snuck up on me. Well, I'm happy to say that while I didn't lose any weight over the last 2 months, I haven't gained any either!

All the riding I've been doing and a concerted effort to limit my pumpkin pie intake has paid off. The scale red 186 this morning. I'm calling that a victory. The weather has been terrible for skiing resulting in very poor conditions, but the riding has been fantastic for a Utah winter. I've managed to ride outside and put in some good miles and pretty much stick to my Plan 7 training plans. Its nice to start the New Year with a reasonable off season weight and I look forward now to some better eating and more miles!

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