Sunday, March 25, 2012

101 Posts on the wall...

Today's blog post is post number 101.  I started the blog in 2010 as a training diary for LOTOJA.  I've expanded a bit and hope you've enjoyed what you've seen and read.  I've been putting up training tips, fun videos, updates from sports I love and reviewed a few products.  I've also had to memorialize a few good people.  I like writing and I like sharing, so I'll keep posting.  Its therapeutic for me.

In search of cool content however, I'm becoming a Youtube addict!  When I was growing up, seeing coverage of sailing and cycling was non-existent.  Modern media has given us tremendous access to some great footage.  I found the following on the Volvo Ocean Race's Youtube channel.  It highlights the weekend's troubles and challenges for the fleet in the infamous Southern Ocean as they head from New Zealand to Brazil.  Rounding Cape Horn is on every sailor's bucket list and I can say its on mine as well.  This is when sailors and boats are pushed to their limits.  Huge winds, icebergs and fire hose conditions on the bow.  This 3 minute clip will get your heart racing.!

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