Friday, June 22, 2012

Its Friday!

Coming up for me this weekend is the Utah State Criterium Championships.  This is my second "A" race of the season after Bear Lake.  Lets hope I make the finish much more competitive.  We'll see how my rest over the last weeks plays out.  The course is new to me, a bit longer than traditional four corner crits and a dip under the bridge at the Salt Palace should keep things interesting.  There are some fantastic Cat 3 crit racers around here so it should be fast and furious.

Today's video is dedicated to my best (almost worst) crit of last year.  Skip to about minute 13 to see me crash over a guy who clipped a pedal in the turn.  Bloodied and frustrated, I got back up, put my bike together, got back on and won the race.  The win sealed my series win with a week to go and reminded me that never giving up pays big. 

Have a great weekend and keep the rubber side down!

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