Friday, January 11, 2013

Frozen Friday

Its isn't too often schools get closed here in Utah, but last nigh'ts storm dropped enough, fast enough, to make today a snow day here in Davis County.  To enjoy all this white goodness, I'm actually going to enter a XC ski race tomorrow.  Weber Pathways and Ogden Nordic Center will have an awesome demo day, race and clinics for the whole fam.  I haven't been XC skiing in a long time so we'll see how well this goes.  I did watch a few videos on youtube this week to at least see someone skate skiing before I attempt it.  My fav of the night is below.

And for pure entertainment purposes, the second video comes from the frozen north where ice boating is king, or in this case, ice sailboarding.  Ice boating looks like a blast, but here in Utah, all the frozen water is covered with a few feet of snow.  I suppose a kite and my skis would work though.  Hmmm....

Be safe out there this weekend!

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  1. So how'd it go? Time to get some skate skis?

  2. I just posted my experience for Monday's post. It was eye opening for sure. But, yes, I'm hooked!