Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late Training Tuesday

About this time of year, things get pretty routine here in northern Utah...cold, smog, indoor riding, but lots of good skiing.  Its also the time of year where many Utah cyclists make annual pilgrimages to St. George for some fair weather riding.  I'll be making 2 trips this year, one of which starts tomorrow.  I'll be hosting the DNA/Plan 7 Women's Cycling Team for their first official training camp and then my team, Harristone/Sun Valley Mortgage will be down there next weekend.

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These trips make for much needed outdoor miles.  The highlight really is the annual stop at Veyo Pies for a mid ride pitstop.  While 400 calories of banana cream deliciousness may not be the best fuel for the job, it does more good for the attitude than anything.

There will be some great riding taking in Utah Hill and the Ironman Loop.  We usually get out to the Zions National Park gate as well.  We always end up coming home feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready for the first UCA race of the season back down in SG.

I'll be back on Monday with a trip report so enjoy your week and weekend!

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