Monday, February 4, 2013

Harristone/Sun Valley Mortgage Cycling Team - Mini Camp

The sun gods finally blessed the red rocks of Utah's Dixie with sunshine and 60 degree temps this past weekend.  My team took advantage of the nice weather and had an awesome 2 day mini training camp in St. George.

The camp began early Friday morning with a pleasant drive to the south.  The sunshine and warm temperatures greeted us mid afternoon and we headed out for a 2 hour loop.  My camp started on a major downer as I dropped my new to me GoPro camera while riding and I watched it shatter into 10 pieces.  It was one of those stupid moments you wish you could have back, like dropping your keys in the lake.  I was pulling the camera out of my back pocket and it literally just slipped out of my fingers.  The waterproof case held on the initial impact, but it was hit by multiple bikes and the case split open.  The battery flew out and the inside case cracked.  The lens has a nice ding on it as well.  I was sure it was done for.  But I managed to put it back together and it kept recording!  At least that's what the LED screen said.  I kept recording for the weekend and sure enough, these cameras rock!  Aside from the scratched lens, the unit functions and records like normal.  As soon as I figure out how to edit the vids, I'll post them here.  They're nothing spectacular, but its cool footage nonetheless.

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With the GoPro crisis over, the rest of the ride went very.  Mellow, sunny and the Toquerville loop is gorgeous.  The ride ends near Quail Hollow Reservoir and the setting sun made for beautiful scenery.

Friday's traditional feast at Brick Oven Pizza was delicious as always.  Brick Oven even has gluten free pizza for the special diet needs of some our cyclists!  With stomachs full we headed back to the house and stayed up way too late to watch Tyler Hamilton on Jay Leno.  Teammate and sponsor, Tim Speicher of PRTI, busted out his massage table and worked on some of us for the evening.

Saturday's ride turned into a rather large group ride as we met up with some other cyclists on our way out to Utah Hill.  We decided to ride the Ironman/Gunlock loop and take in the 7 mile Utah Hill climb as well.  My motivation was of course the savory banana cream pie waiting for us at Veyo Pies.  The pie is really why I ride in St. George!

The groups split up and I limped home very tired from the 84 miles, 84 tough, rolling and sometimes very steep miles.  The pie got me home for sure.

Tim performed some more of his magic for the team post ride and we packed up for the long trip home.

These annual pilgrimages to St. George accomplish so many things.  First, its a great chance to get in some major mid winter miles.  Second, its a nice break from the trainers and cold weather of the Wasatch front.  And finally, its a great chance for teammate to get to know each other or reconnect from the long winter break from racing.  (Its also a chance for PIE!!)  We hit all of those goals and set the tone for a great season to come.

I also had the chance to ride my first pair of Diadora cycling shoes.  I'm on the top of the line Jet Racer and I was very impressed.  I'll do a full review on Thursday.

A HUGE thanks goes to all of our sponsors: Harristone, Sun Valley Mortgage, Excelerator Sports, PRTI, The Bike Shoppe, Chick-fil-la, Intermountain Health Care and the Cache Valley Women's Center.  Without these awesome sponsors, our team and these trips wouldn't be possible.

Here's to an awesome 2013 racing season!!

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