Sunday, February 28, 2010

St George team camp

This past weekend was spent in St George with most of Team Excelerator. This was the first team camp type of trip we've put together and it was a great success! The weather cooperated for the most part and we got in 2 great rides. Friday afternoon we got out for about 45 miles and rode Saturday between 63 and 106 miles. (some of us had different goals for the weekend!)

I found out some great things during the trip. First, we have recruited some great talent on Team Excelerator. I am by far not the best rider on the team. I like it that way. I figure you're only as good as the people around you, so this can only benefit the team. Second, I learned that it is time for me to start working on my speed. I have spent the last few months building an aerobic base and loosing weight, riding at moderate heart rates. This teaches your body how to utilize fat as energy and as such most of the calories burned are from fat during this type of training. But as things got quicker and the pace heated up on our rides in St George, I was left behind.

As we move into March then, things will pick up just a bit on the bike. That's as soon as I get a bike. We weren't able to put the new ride together in time for camp. But The Bike Shoppe pulled through and I got to demo a Trek Madone. We put my Mercury deep dish wheels on it. This was one sweet ride. I felt like I was floating. If my new bike even comes close to the Madone, it will be a great bike!

I'll put the Madone on the trainer tomorrow morning for a recovery ride of 80 minutes. If the new bike isn't done this week, I'll continue to jog on the treadmill and do core workouts. But very soon I need to start riding at higher intensities. My first race is April 24th. I'll be adding intervals and climbing to the regimen. As it gets warmer, I'll get outside more and hit some of the harder climbs in the nearby foothills. On the trainer it will be Spinervals 1.o and 7.0 for the climbing and intervals.

This will be an important 6 weeks. Lets hope I stay healthy and get some rest and maybe race 1 will be a sucess.

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