Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strange week for training

Soundtrack for the evening: U2 Zooropa and Colbie Caillet

I sit here watching the Olympics getting totoally inspired. I've always loved the Olympics. There's always multiple athletes and performaces that make me want to get out and do better. This year, for example, Lindey Vonn. Did you see her gold medal downhill run? Amazing. Bad shin and all. Did you notice how she basically skied on one leg across the finish? As I said, inspiring.

This week presents some challenges on the training front. My weight has been consistantly coming down, at a pound a week. My efforts are paying off. However, I am without a bike this week. I sold my current ride and my new machine is on its way. So instead of riding this morning, I actually hopped on my wife's treadmill. Now, I hate running. I'm a firm believer that running is only for criminals. My body hates to run. With my swimming background, I've always thought about triathlon, but I hate running so much. I'd be one of the first out of the water, hold my own on the bike but be DFL on the run, I'm sure. But I pushed through it. I made it a solid 25 minutes then put in a 25 minute core and strength workout. That's what I'll have to do until my new bike is delivered and built.

So, I'll finish this week like this:
Th: 45 minute core and strength workout
Fri: Run 25 minutes, 25 minute core and strength
Sat: Run 25 minutes, 25 minute core and strength

My core and strength workouts consist of Gunnar Peterson's Core Secrets on the balance ball. Whenever the workouts call for upper body specific excercises, I actually throw in some leg work instead, like squats and lunges.

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