Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I set out with 4 teammates for a 4 hour ride. With my ride from home to the meeting spot at The Bike Shoppe in Ogden my total would have been about 4 hrs 45 minutes and roughly 70 miles.

We rolled out of The Bike Shoppe, headed to Brigham City and turned around at the top of Sardine Canyon. Its a great ride, flat through Ogden, rollers to Brigham then a nice steady climb up Sardine. A few of our powerhouses, Darren Goff and Ferral Spackman were with us, so I knew I would be pushed. Brigham came up quickly and as often happens when we started the climb, I was dropped. Anytime the road turns uphill, my legs turn to lead. However, yesterday was a bit different. I couldn't spin for anything. I was exhausted and could barely get my heart rate up. I did all I could to accelerate but to no avail.

My team was merciful and waited for me up top but the damage was done. Back down in Brigham I could tell it was the beginning of the end of my day. The team went ahead and I was dying. Embarrassingly, my wife had to come rescue me as I was in full bonk mode. Complete leg shutdown.

I think my reasons for the bonk are 2-fold. First, I'm only two weeks into an intense interval cycle. And from my last post, the intervals and life in general have left me a bit tired. Second, I did not eat or replenish near enough on the ride. I had a good breakfast of 3 whole wheat pancakes, a banana and a can of FRS, but in my haste to get out the door, I only packed 2 small Cliff bars, about a quarter of what I should have taken.

My climbing obviously needs some work. That was the primary reason for my weight loss focus this winter. But climbing is the single biggest weakness I have looking forward to LOTOJA. If I can't at least keep in touch on the climbs, I have no chance of hanging with the leaders. I look forward to some more morning light and warmer temps so I can get outside. I know of a great spot to do some climbing repeats that will hopefully help. This next weekend I have to work, so it will be my first ride to work. I'll hit a big climb on my way home and total time forthe day should be about 3 hours with a good climb. I'll make sure I bring along enough food!

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