Monday, April 5, 2010


It took a couple of days to feel good after the big bonk. I just spun for an hour on Monday, eased into some faster paced stuff on Wednesday. Thursday saw some climbing intervals and Spinervals 1.0 DVD on Friday. Saturday's morning weather was rainy and cold, so I didn't ride into work. I did get out after work though for 35 miles with some climbing repeats. There's a good, steep 1 mile section on Highway 89 that's good for that sort of thing.

The set I did on Saturday was 3 climbs, each holding a high cadence. Each rep saw a more difficult gearing but keeping the same cadence. At the top of each climb I get out of the saddle and go for a big hilltop finish. Is it lame that Phil Ligget's voice always goes through my head at that point? I ride the 13 miles back home at steady tempo and sprint through the park near my house for good measure.

The weather hear in Utah still fails to warm up. Its actually snowing pretty hard as I write this. That just means more time on the trainer. I know that the trainer will only get me so far, so I really look forward to the outside miles. Now if it will just quit snowing!

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