Thursday, July 15, 2010

Riding, just not writing

Its been a few weeks since my last update. Of all that I need to get done, keeping up with the blog has been low on the list. My day job is taking up much of my energy and time and as my daughter gets older she needs more of my time as well. Her sleep patterns now coincide with the sunlight. The later it sets, the later she goes to bed. But now that the days are technically getting shorter maybe she'll start going to be earlier. I'm not sure how some people manage to train and race with more kids but hats off to those who can! Add preparations for the Harvest Moon Crit and it makes for one busy schedule.

July however has been a great month on the bike. I finished off June with a solid 12th place at the Little Mountain Road Race. I raced in the Masters B (35 + Cat 4 and 5) this time around. The Masters B rolled one less lap than the Cat 4 and the course's short steep climbs always give me fits. I managed to stay with the leaders for most of the 3 laps, doing everything I could to stay on during the climbs. Towards the end of the last lap however, my quads and calves cramped up and I had no power during the last climb. I lost touch about half way up and finished 12th.

I took a needed recovery week of just some spinning and low intensity stuff. But this month has been productive. I've had one 100 miler and 2 other 3 and 4 hour rides. I'm getting in an interval session and pure mashing sessions each week. I'll do three hours again this Saturday with a climb up the divide then a mini taper into the Chalk Creek Road Race on the 24th.

My diet has continued to keep me back however. The stress at work is crazy and the wonderful ladies I work with always seem to have some goodies or clients will actually bring food in. Today the fresh donuts and homemade cinnamon rolls begged me to indulge. I did not, save for a nibble of the cinnamon rolls, but the snacking has been too much. I'm an emotional eater. If I'm stressed, I turn to food. So needless to say, my weight is hovering at the 177-178 range each week. With some discipline I could shed a few before LOTOJA. I'm not worried about undereating as the current struggle is with all the extra calories that I don't need to train hard.

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