Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Less than 80 days!

I recovered nicely from the illness 2 weeks ago. It really wiped me out. I obviously put back on some needed water weight but I'm at 176 right now. Not too bad.

I had a great week of training last week with some quality miles and workouts. My trip up the North Ogden Divide on Saturday though was tough. I think I set a record for the slowest time ever up that road. A combo of heat, a solid week of workouts and heading up after work made for a long slog. I've been out this week though and its been nice to be off the trainer. It finally warm enough to get out in the mornings without too many layers on.

I did a nice recovery ride on Monday and some aero miles this morning. I'll get some sleep tomorrow and do openers on Friday in preparation for Saturday's race.

This Saturday in the Little Mountain Road race. Its a 16 mile circuit with one small and one Major climb. The major climb is short but steep. It gives me fits every year. This will be my third shot at it. I'll race Masters B and do 3 laps. The goal is to not get dropped on the climb. That was a good goal at East Canyon and we'll see if I can do that again. I won't race again until July 24th so after Saturday I'm going to try to get some more miles under my butt. After Chalk Creek on July 24th, I'll do the Sanpete Classic at the end of August then its LOTOJA on September 11th.

The Powder Mountain Hillclimb went really well, especially since the weather was so bad. The story made the front page of the sports section in the Standard Examiner, so it was nice to have the exposure.

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