Monday, December 12, 2011

10 speed Grip Shift!

I can't believe I missed this one!

Yes, this story looks to be 3 months old, but I just stumbled upon it. I'm surprised, because about the same time as this story, I started posting on Sram's Facebook page hounding them for info on the future of Grip Shift.

Ever since Sram came out with their 10 speed mountain groups I've been wondering what would become of my favorite piece of bike equipment ever. As of now, if you want high end Grip Shift for your MTB, you'll have to stick with 9 speed XO. Now, XO is a killer groupset but it will be ever more killer to have the super sexy XX group with a Grip Shift.

Grip Shift is what put Sram on the map and even if this is old news, it sure is good news!

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