Sunday, December 11, 2011

A 3 Hour Tour

Ogden, Utah had the 4th worst air in America yesterday.

Here along the Wasatch Front, we get big temperature inversions during high pressure weather patterns in the winter. Basically the cold air sinks in the valley and traps all the pollution down here where most of us live. Utahns like to call it "the inversion" or "smog". I prefer to call it what it is...smoke, pollution or dirty air. It makes my kid cough, my eyes to itch and looks terrible. Regardless, we went out for a 3 hour ride yesterday.

It was actually quite pleasant. Temps must have gotten into the 30's. My riding partners were Jody Harrison, Denis Porter and Heather Smith. An entertaining group to say the least. With air being so bad, I bet I breathed the equivalent of a few cigarettes. It was a relatively easy ride but with the cold and pollution, and a serious lack of sleep the past 4 nights, I was feeling some serious fatigue afterwards.

I've been hitting the trainer a lot this week and had a great trail run with my wife on Wednesday. This next week will look a lot like last and hopefully the air will clear up. I'm back to 189 lbs so an improved focus on food is also needed. A hard thing to do around the holidays, but needed nonetheless.

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