Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A few years back when I was sailing full time in San Diego, there was a boat from Newport Beach that would regularly thump us. The boat was reasonably prepared but had one glaring issue...the old tired sails they used. How could a boat with such bags hanging from the rig beat us so often? We had new sails, a clean bottom and matching t-shirts.

I've asked the same question about bicycle racing as well. When I started racing in 2007, I noticed that the best riders didn't necessarily ride the best equipment. While a properly maintained bike is essential to doing well, having the latest and greatest stuff is not.

This was evident when I got up close to some of the racing bikes of the pros racing in the Tour of Utah a few years ago. I couldn't believe that a pro would have second tier equipment. What made these guys so fast?

The sailboat example and the cycling example are similar. On the water, we were simply out sailed by a crack crew that knew what they were doing. They caught every wind shift and had impeccable crew work. On the bike, its all about the rider's fitness and the way they race. This got me thinking about where the average bike racer spends their time and money.

While its easy to upgrade a bike or wheels it is very expensive. Why not focus more on the motor and the tactics used on the race course? Losing 10 lbs will make you a better climber much more than a 400 gram weight savings on components. Racing smarter will put you in front of a sprint much better than carbon handle bars will.

What I'm getting at is that most of us overlook gains to be made without a major purchase. Excelerator Sports and Plan 7 have put together a killer racer's camp for March 8-11 in St. George. This 4 day camp will put any racer on the fast track for a better motor and smarter tactics that will improve your racing. And when compared to a new set of wheels, its a bargain at $700 all inclusive. Check this out:

  • 4 day race specific camp designed to kick start your racing season with instruction given by Cat 1 road racer Dave Harward.

  • Detailed camp training plans from Plan 7 Endurance Coaching.

  • Bus ride to St. George from the Wasatch Front with bikes in an enclosed trailer.

  • Pre-camp testing included, discounted ($190) bike fit may be completed prior to or after camp.

  • Focus on skill development, analysis of form and execution and evening seminars.

  • Price: $700

This camp will do more than any other upgrade you could make to your bike. Shoot me an e-mail at teamexcelerator@gmail.com if you're interested.

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