Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sram Red - Its official!

For those who read my blog, its no secret I'm a huge Sram fan. From my first Grip Shift in 1994 until now, I love the simplicity and functionality of it all. My team has been a part of the Grassroots Sponsorship package for 3 years as well and its a great company to work with.

As promised, Sram officially released their 2012 Red grouppo today. Cycling News has the scoop (here).

By sticking with a mechanical 10 speed group, Sram is really setting themselves apart from Campy and Shimano. Campy is sexy stuff but can be finicky and Shimano has a winner with Di2 but it remains out of reach price wise for most. The new Red group is still the weight leader at 1739 grams and they've addressed the shortcomings of noise and front shifting.

The front shifting looks revolutionary to my eye. The cage swings asymmetrically to kill the need for a trim feature. A chain catcher is now standard as well. The machined cassette is said to be quieter as well. The shift and brake levers are evolutionary but still look to have the same functions as before. I like the single pivot breaks too!

I have 2 years on my Force groupset so I may be looking to upgrade at least the derailleurs and cassette this spring. If that happens, you'll be the first to know and I'll review as well. Until then, I'm totally satisfied with my Force grouppo. Its been great over two seasons of hard training and racing and looks like it will be a great tool for me this year as well.

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